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NEXT MAsT Washington Meeting:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 7:30 PM

Topic: Dealing with Abuse in the Master/slave Relationships

Facilitator: Master Ben Martin

We live in a society where abuse is rampant, almost part of our culture. The Master/slave relationships are not immune to the abuse that prevails in the mainstream community. We found cases of Masters and slaves who has experienced abuse as children or as an adults, as well as in their previous relationships, vanilla or power exchange.

Master Ben Martin will lead a discussion regarding abuse in our relationships and how we can deal with it, prevent it, heal from abusive experiences, etc. His presentation will include some background data on abuse, whether elements in the lifestyle unintentionally hide abuse, and the responsibility of the community om this issue.

16 M Street, NE, Washington, DC
Metro: NoMA, Gallaudet, New York Ave.

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