Meetings provide opportunities for topics of interest to be presented and discussed and for Masters and slave to share, whether together or in separate groups. Meetings also provide time for making introductions and announcements, for conducting business and socializing.

Each meeting begins with a brief joint session for the purpose of general introductions, business, and announcements. A topic is presented for discussion.

However, anyone with a personal issue is encouraged to share regardless of its relevance to the topic of the day.

General Guidelines:

Participants agree to hold confidential anything discussed in general or group sessions. Masters may not order any slave, including their own, to discuss or divulge information or content of a slave group session. Masters without a slave will be expected to take care of themselves while at MAsT meetings unless a slave, of his own volition, serves the Master; and Protocol is suspended unless the Master of a specific relationship chooses to impose protocol on his own slave(s).

MAsT: Washington meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M.

We meet a private resident in Springfield, VA. E-mail us for the address.